Voice and Ensemble

Chimeras (2001) • duration: 31'
Loosely inspired by the remarkable world of Henry Darger, which throws childlike innocence against a background of perversion and violence, Chimeras is a work of fantasy and imagination for a Pierrot Lunaire ensemble plus percussion. Each of the twelve movements pit the vocalist against a changing kaleidoscope of sonic dramas, climaxing with all-out war in a breathtaking tutti for all eight musicians.  
soprano (2); fl, cl; perc, kybd; vn, vc 

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Éloges - odes and epitaphia for guitar and medieval ensemble (2006) • duration: 7'
Derek Bailey In Memoriam. A quirky and personal tribute to one of my biggest mentors. 
sop. mezzo, alto; hurdy-gurdy, harp, viola de gamba, percussion, and improvising arch-top guitar (or lute) 

Evocation of a Neophyte and How the Secrets of the Black Arts were Revealed unto Her by the Demon Baphomet (2005) • duration: 13'
A magical initiation for soloist, chorus and four players drawing upon the mystery of Enochean Ritual. 
solo soprano; sop (3), mezzo (3), alto (3), ten (3), bar (3), bass (3); hp; cbn; perc (2)  

Hermeticum Sacrum (2003) • duration: 20'
A Sacred Ritual from a Secret Temple. Religious music, mysterious and beautiful, that touches upon the work of Aleister Crowley, and the misfits that brought mysticism to the west. A Black Mass. 
sop, mezzo, alto, ten, bar, bass; org (2); perc (4); hp 

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Jumalattaret (2012) • duration: 22'
Words of Magic and Incantations in praise of the Goddesses. A song cycle inspired by Finnish pagan goddesses using fragmented texts from the Kalevala. Proem:Opening Invocation—Paivatar—Vedenemo—Akka—Loutti—Mielikki—Klu—Telervo—Ilmatar—Velamo—Postlude. 
sop, pno 

Pandora's Box (2013) • duration: 13'
A book of evil. A witch's cure. Storms, talismans, blue-eyed demons and angelic orders. A drama for string quartet and soprano with original texts in German. 
soprano and string quartet 

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Rituals (1998) • duration: 30'
Wind machines, wooden gears, gravedigging, bull roarers, bird squeakers, stochastics, and complex vocalise from a lyric soprano. Dramatically staged, this could make a mysterious one act opera. 
solo mezzo-soprano; fl (picc, a. fl), cl (e-flat cl, b. cl), bsn; trb; perc (2), pno (cel, org, hpd); vln, vcl, cb 

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