Voice and Ensemble

Ab Eo, Quod (2021) • duration: 7'
An evocative ballad inspired by the surreal worlds of painter Leonora Carrington scored for soprano, cello, vibraphone with optional improvising drum set and/or electronics. 
soprano, cello, vibraphone with optional improvising drum set and/or electronics. 

Chimeras (2001) • duration: 31'
Loosely inspired by the remarkable world of Henry Darger, which throws childlike innocence against a background of perversion and violence, Chimeras is a work of fantasy and imagination for a Pierrot Lunaire ensemble plus percussion. Each of the twelve movements pit the vocalist against a changing kaleidoscope of sonic dramas, climaxing with all-out war in a breathtaking tutti for all eight musicians.  
soprano (2); fl, cl; perc, kybd; vn, vc 

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Éloges - odes and epitaphia for guitar and medieval ensemble (2006) • duration: 7'
Derek Bailey In Memoriam. A quirky and personal tribute to one of my biggest mentors. 
sop. mezzo, alto; hurdy-gurdy, harp, viola de gamba, percussion, and improvising arch-top guitar (or lute) 

Evocation of a Neophyte and How the Secrets of the Black Arts were Revealed unto Her by the Demon Baphomet (2005) • duration: 13'
A magical initiation for soloist, chorus and four players drawing upon the mystery of Enochean Ritual. 
solo soprano; sop (3), mezzo (3), alto (3), ten (3), bar (3), bass (3); hp; cbn; perc (2)  

Hermeticum Sacrum (2003) • duration: 20'
A Sacred Ritual from a Secret Temple. Religious music, mysterious and beautiful, that touches upon the work of Aleister Crowley, and the misfits that brought mysticism to the west. A Black Mass. 
sop, mezzo, alto, ten, bar, bass; org (2); perc (4); hp 

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Jumalattaret (2012) • duration: 22'
Words of Magic and Incantations in praise of the Goddesses. A song cycle inspired by Finnish pagan goddesses using fragmented texts from the Kalevala. Proem:Opening Invocation—Päivätär—Vedenemo—Akka—Louhi—Mielikki—Kuu—Tellervo—Ilmatar—Velamo—Postlude. 
sop, pno 

Liber Loagaeth (2021) • duration: 9'
Vocatus Atque Non Vocatus, Deus Aderit—A prayer in Angelic Numbers inspired by the magical Enochian grimoire by John Dee and Edward Kelley. 
soprano, string quartet 

Pandora's Box (2013) • duration: 13'
A book of evil. A witch's cure. Storms, talismans, blue-eyed demons and angelic orders. A drama for string quartet and soprano with original texts in German. 
soprano and string quartet 

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Rituals (1998) • duration: 30'
Wind machines, wooden gears, gravedigging, bull roarers, bird squeakers, stochastics, and complex vocalise from a lyric soprano. Dramatically staged, this could make a mysterious one act opera. 
solo mezzo-soprano; fl (picc, a. fl), cl (e-flat cl, b. cl), bsn; trb; perc (2), pno (cel, org, hpd); vln, vcl, cb 

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Split the Lark (2021) • duration: 20'
"Split the Lark—and you'll find the music—Bulb after Bulb—in Silver rolled" Seven nocturnes for voice and piano inspired by the envelope fragments of Emily Dickinson. 1. And yet we know that gentle Clock 2. Her magic pace 3. Like the Wheels of Birds 4. To our Nature's soft 5. To light, and then return 6. Eternity will be Velocity 7. By that bleak Exultation 
sop, piano 

Star Catcher (2022) • duration: 11'
A surrealistic fantasy inspired by the paintings of Remedios Varo. Flying Owl Woman-Exquisite Corpse-The Fabric of Dreams-Funambulists-Metaphysical Wheels-Enchanted Knight-Witch Going to the Sabbat-Woman with Sphere-Mimesis 
soprano voice, pno, and improvising rhythm section of bass and drums